How We Operate

How We Operate

Although we do sell to the public, we are foremost a wholesale nursery. We would like to be able to answer your questions when you walk in the door. However we do not have a special sales staff to handle all of the requests we receive for our plants. By setting up an appointment, we can give you our undivided attention and upon your decision to purchase a plant, we will escort you out into our nursery personally to select your plant.

All of our plants are actively growing in the field and need to be dug, and then balled and burlapped. Occasionally we do have plants already out and in our holding area ready for sale.
Plants can be picked up a day or two after you order and select the plant. Plants are usually dug in the Spring and Fall only. We do occasionally dig throughout the summer depending on the weather. Utmost care is given, when timing the digging, to ensure the health of your plant.

Plant Price
Please keep in mind that our plants are larger, landscape size
plants. On- average minimum cost for plants picked up at our
nursery by the purchaser is as follows:

Shade trees 1 l/2-2″cal. BB …………….$ 180.00 plus tax
Ornamental trees 1 l/2-2″cal. BB…….$ 150.00 plus tax
Evergreen trees 4-5′ ht. BB …………….$ 170.00 plus tax
Shrubs 3-4′ ht. BB……………………………$   35.00 plus tax

Above prices are for plants picked up at our nursery. Delivery can be arranged.

A typical 1.5″ caliper tree has a root ball of approximately 24″ in diameter and weighs 250 Ibs. +  For the additional price of delivery, you can take the worry out of transporting your plants safely and carefully to your home by letting us do it for you! As an additional service to you, if the hole is prepared, we will place the tree in the hole upon delivery. For larger caliper trees, we can arrange to have your tree moved by a tree spade or by skid steer equipment.

A 30% non-refundable deposit is required on all plant dig orders, with the balance due upon pick up or delivery.
* No Guarantee is included in the Retail Discount cost of owner-installed plants purchased from Needles & Leaves Nursery. A plant guarantee will be included only if PLANT ASSOCIATES INC. installs your tree under their contract. Please ask for an approximate installation cost.